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What is OA system?

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What is OA system?

Office automation (OA) refers to the use of computer technology, communication technology, system science, management science and other advanced science and technology to continuously materialize part of people's office business activities in various modern office equipment outside people, maximize office efficiency and improve office quality, improve office environment and conditions, shorten office cycle, and use scientific management methods. With the help of various advanced technologies, assist decision-making and improve the scientific level of management and decision-making, so as to realize the scientization and automation of office activities.

Enterprise OA system is the latest OA office system. The biggest difference is that the previous OA is just a channel, like an isolated ground bus system or an independent subway system, which cannot be connected as a whole. Enterprise OA system is actually a large collaborative system, which can connect other systems such as ERP, HR and CRM for data exchange and data sharing, which can bring great convenience to enterprises.

OA system function

Process management: approval management.

Enterprise office: Notice and announcement, document release, information release, office supplies management, customer relationship management, human resources management, conference room management and vehicle management.

Public resources: public address book, data center, message board.

Personal office: file exchange, schedule, personal address book, work notes, e-mail and password management.

System management: personnel management, authority management and process customization.

OA system features

1. Automation of handling various affairs

In the office management of enterprises and units, it will involve secretarial and administrative affairs, and the application of office automation. It can timely understand the relationship between administrative affairs and personnel, and ensure more accurate transaction processing.

2. Document processing automation

In the traditional office management, every document must be strictly analyzed and interpreted, and constantly modified in the form of paper, which not only reduces the work efficiency, but also increases the workload of employees. At the same time, it is also easy to have the problem of modification error or loss of document information, resulting in loopholes in the information in the document. The office automation system can realize the automatic management of all kinds of documents. Using computer network technology to classify and transmit documents uniformly, and on the premise of retaining the original documents, this paper puts forward some feasible suggestions. At the same time, enterprises must strictly manage the office automation system, and require workers to log in to the system through identity authentication and view the required documents, which effectively ensures the tightness of the internal documents of the enterprise.

3. Automated decision making

In enterprise management, whether the correct decision is the basis to ensure office management. The use of office automation system can automatically check the documents, such as personnel relations, financial accounts, etc. Office automation can scientifically analyze the relevant data related to decision-making, which can effectively improve the scientificity of decision-making and the accuracy of data.

Advantages of OA system

1. Save work cost and facilitate document circulation management: compared with the previous review methods of paper documents, processing, sending and receiving documents and sharing information resources through OA system can save a lot of paper and reduce office costs. Leaders can directly read, approve and revise electronic documents on the OA system, and retain the traces of reading and modification, which solves the problem of wasting a lot of paper due to repeated modification of document drafts in the past. Moreover, electronic documents can be circulated to multiple people at the same time on the OA system, which shortens the circulation cycle of documents and eliminates the possibility of loss of paper documents.

2. Facilitate retrieval and information sharing: the functional modules such as public documents, public information and notices in OA system are the platform for all departments to share information resources. Employees can timely understand the latest information of the whole hospital through OA system, which is conducive to communication and cooperation between departments. The powerful conditional retrieval function on OA system provides great convenience for employees to quickly find documents and materials, and solves the problem of spending a lot of time searching paper documents in the past, so as to improve the efficiency of collecting documents and materials.

3. Enhance the monitoring ability and improve the administrative level: the OA system can timely and effectively monitor the schedule, document handling and the use of meeting rooms, vehicles and office supplies of all departments and employees, and has the functions of urging, supervision and automatic reminder. On the one hand, it prevents the delay of business processing time, on the other hand, it is conducive to the overall monitoring of the administrator, find problems in time and coordinate and solve them in time. In addition, the process steps processed on the OA system have traces of approval, which is traceable and convenient for future reference and management.

4. Improve work efficiency and create excellent team awareness: the information transmission, schedule and other functional modules of OA system greatly improve the cooperation efficiency and communication ability among employees, and create an excellent team with strong cohesion, high work efficiency and rapid response ability. Through the establishment of work forum and other modules, the communication and interaction between leaders and employees and between employees are strengthened more timely and effectively. Employees learn from each other, learn from each other, make progress together, promote the improvement of business level and enhance the spirit of teamwork.

5. Realize automatic office and build a scientific management mode: the use of OA system has comprehensively promoted office automation. With the help of advanced computer and network information technology, it has realized the efficient, safe and standardized handling of business in the office, and greatly improved the work efficiency and service quality. At the same time, it provides efficient and convenient services for leaders at all levels to carry out macro management, and provides a reference basis for scientific decision-making, so as to build a set of scientific management model.

6. It can effectively promote the improvement of the overall informatization level of the enterprise: through the directly effective OA system, it can effectively improve the enterprise personnel's understanding and familiarity with informatization, better accept informatization psychologically and technically, and enable the enterprise to accumulate the implementation experience of information system, so as to lay a good foundation for the implementation of more complex ERP, CRM and other systems.