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What should be paid attention to when choosing office furniture manufacturers?

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What should be paid attention to when choosing office furniture manufacturers?

Whether the choice of office furniture manufacturers is correct will often determine their future office and living conditions. In order to enable customers to reduce mistakes, people in the office furniture industry have summarized a set of common reference processes for selecting office furniture manufacturers by interviewing the heads of many well-known brands at home and abroad.

1.Investigate the popularity of multiple office furniture brands

Now there are many brands of office furniture, which is a big problem for customers to choose, so it is very important to identify the brand before purchasing. Industry insiders believe that: first, we need to distinguish brand awareness from products. Although some office furniture brands are well-known, the later R & D ability of the enterprise can not keep up, so the newly launched products only enter the market through the aura of advertising, so the choice should not only look at the brand, but also cooperate with the products; Secondly, we should not blindly listen to enterprise publicity, but investigate rationally. For example, there are various "top ten brands of Chinese office furniture" on the Internet. At this time, we must pay attention to its credibility. In fact, at present, several well-known brands such as Dior furniture are more influential in the office furniture industry. Finally, don't judge the popularity from the aspects of peak sales season and best-selling products. Take a panoramic view of the overall operation and make a correct judgment.

2.Secondly, investigate the production capacity of enterprises

On the one hand, the production capacity of an enterprise is related to the production strength of the enterprise, including the scale of production plants, production equipment, production technology, annual production volume and staff scale; On the other hand, it involves product renewal ability and R & D innovation. The former is the hard power of the enterprise and the basis of large-scale production, while the latter is the guarantee of the competitiveness of the enterprise and the soft power of the enterprise. During the appraisal of productivity, customers can visit the enterprise hardware facilities on the spot and refer to various patent certificates, cooperation certificates, etc. To understand the production capacity of the enterprise, on the one hand, you can visit the plant in person and know the quality of plant equipment and manufacturing materials at a glance. You can also invite people from the industry to consult with you. On the other hand, you can go to its official website or go to the exclusive store to inquire about the newly developed products or the new advantages of the products launched.

3.Consider the advertising investment during the cooperation period

Advertising is an important means to expand brand effect and spread product information. The advertising investment of the headquarters can not only expand brand popularity. Therefore, it is also important to investigate the advertising investment of office furniture brands. Customers can query the advertising investment of manufacturers on major portal websites and various important print media in recent years, star endorsement, etc.

4.Pay attention to cooperation and follow-up services

Customers not only need to pay attention to the careful screening of the previous steps, but also the follow-up service of cooperation is an inspection point. In this regard, customers can go to the case customers of the target brand to understand the situation in advance and ask about the strength and effect of follow-up service. However, it is necessary to investigate multiple people and not draw a conclusion based on the statement of one person.