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What should we pay attention to for office furniture?

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What should we pay attention to for office furniture?

We spent a day and the best time in the company. I believe everyone likes the office with beautiful office environment and clean information. The daily use of office furniture also hopes to last longer. The maintenance of office furniture requires us to do a good job in daily maintenance, which can also save costs for the company. Let's take a closer look at the precautions for using office furniture.

1. Do not wipe furniture with coarse cloth or old clothes. Because the coarse cloth fiber is relatively thick, there are many stitches and buttons on the old clothes, which is easy to scratch the furniture. Furniture should be wiped with absorbent cloth, such as towel, cotton cloth, cotton cloth or flannelette.

2. Do not spray wax on leather furniture. Furniture care spray wax can only be used for spraying on the surface of wooden furniture, not leather furniture. Once wax is sprayed, the pores of leather products will be blocked. The service life of leather will be shortened with the passage of aging. In addition, in order to make the furniture look more shiny, some people directly apply some wax products on the furniture, or improper use will cause fog spots on the surface of the furniture;

3. Do not wipe the furniture with a damp cloth stained with soapy water and detergent. Because they are corrosive, they will damage the surface of furniture and darken the painted surface of furniture. If water seeps into the wood, it will also lead to mildew or local deformation of the wood and shorten the service life.

4. Don't expose the furniture to the sun, and don't put it in a very humid place. If furniture is exposed to the sun, the paint on the surface of furniture will be sunburned. Paint will also volatilize at high temperatures. With the passage of time, the color will change, even degumming and cracking, and formaldehyde will volatilize. If it is too wet, it is easy to breed insects and molds and corrode furniture;

5. Do not put high concentration alcohol, banana oil and boiled water on furniture, especially on the desktop, so as not to damage the paint surface;

6. Furniture made of plywood shall not be washed with water or soaked in alkaline water, but shall be dispersed or degummed with plywood;

7. Do not mix different colors of furniture pigments and putty, and then embed them into the gaps of furniture to avoid leaving scars;

8. When there is a crack in the wooden furniture or floor, you can cut the old newspaper into pieces, add an appropriate amount of alum, boil it into a paste with water or rice soup, and then insert a knife into the crack to grind it flat. It will be firm after drying, and then painted with the same color, the wood will return to its original appearance;

9. If the furniture back plate is damp and deformed in a large area, it should be replaced. The furniture must have four flat feet, otherwise it will be deformed due to uneven stress;

10. Frequent contact of electrical switches will lose luster and be eroded by sweat. You can often apply vaseline to prevent salt erosion;

11. Wax leather and wooden furniture regularly at ordinary times. It can only be used frequently after more maintenance at ordinary times.