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What whiteboard should I buy?

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What whiteboard should I buy?

With the development and progress of science and technology and the improvement of the office environment, glass whiteboards are becoming more and more popular, so what are the advantages of glass desktop whiteboards? And how to choose the right desktop whiteboard for yourself?

The glass whiteboard on the market, whether it is a desktop whiteboard or a wall whiteboard, using tempered glass. The use of top high-security strong reinforced explosion-proof glass, and the use of advanced multi-layer computer automatic baking paint and glass processing technology research and development and made of outstanding quality, so that the office as a whole more bright, more fashionable.

Installed on the wall ordinary large glass whiteboard, used for writing records for meetings, mostly for conference rooms. When using a projector, the glass whiteboard can be used as a projection curtain. It has a good effect when used for meetings or teaching. Glass whiteboard can make the projection light source more cohesive, so that you can watch the film without the problems of insufficient light source, color out of focus, and uneven cloth curtain that may occur on the curtain of traditional whiteboard. Bright, neat, leaves no pencil marks, and the oil-based pen can be easily erased with only general cleaning agents and will not scratch and corrode the surface of the glass whiteboard.

Desktop whiteboard is a new type of whiteboard specifically suitable for office desk surface. Unlike other whiteboards, it has a certain degree of storage space to store office stationery, keys, cell phones and other items, which is convenient for office 5S desktop organization. The upper part of the tempered glass whiteboard is designed with card slots for cell phones, pens, IPads, books and other items to save desktop space. Desktop whiteboard part of the rounded corner process design, reflecting the safety factor of the product, not easy to damage, do not hurt the hand. Desktop whiteboard also has the function of keyboard bracket, office workers can place the keyboard on the glass whiteboard as a bracket to use, presenting a 12-degree angle, combined with the human-machine function of a comfortable office experience.

About the market is more popular on the characteristics and advantages of the two whiteboards are finished, you can choose to purchase according to their own needs for their own whiteboard, mainly depending on where the demand is to be used, the conference room or desk, the performance of these two targeted or very strong.