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Which color is the best glass whiteboard

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Which color is the best glass whiteboard

The original glass color is divided into ordinary float glass and super white glass, ordinary float glass is what we commonly like glass countertops, glass partitions, glass doors and windows, auto glass. Ordinary float glass itself has a light green color, sprayed with white color glaze on one side can be used as a white plate.

Super white glass, also known as ultra-transparent glass, is particularly good transmittance, high-grade display cabinets, showrooms are used more. And ultra-white glass color is more uniform, different batches of glass made out of the color can reach the basic consistency.

The two types of glass in the nano-fogging treatment after the original piece is low-reflection, no anti-glare. But the ultra-white glass made of whiteboard, although not reflective, due to the color is relatively white, look long or feel a little visual fatigue, green to the eyes to soften a little, green plate more protective of vision, relieve visual fatigue. So the sales of ordinary glass whiteboard is higher, but also more accepted by everyone.