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Which office supplies are office consumables?

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Which office supplies are office consumables?

When many companies purchase office supplies, they often purchase them by type. It is easy to ignore that some office supplies are consumed quickly, which will lead to new purchases soon after the purchase. This is not only troublesome, but also increases the cost. It is necessary to know which office supplies belong to office consumables before purchasing office supplies.

In general offices, such as copiers, fax machines, scanners, etc., are public, and they will be used frequently. Accordingly, the consumption of office paper is relatively fast, such as copy paper. Printing paper belongs to office consumables. Similarly, garbage bags, note paper, disposable paper cups, marker pens and toilet paper also belong to office supplies that consume rapidly. Therefore, when purchasing, these need to be purchased more.

Another place that is easy to ignore is the financial office. Any financial office will use all kinds of financial supplies such as receipts, documents, account books, folders, file boxes, printing paste, carbon paper, etc. These are office supplies that are often used by finance, and they also need to be purchased in a relatively large amount.

I believe that the office needs of each company are different, so I suggest that you make a basic understanding in each region of the company before purchasing office supplies, so as to adjust the purchase quantity of office supplies.