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Wholesale Catch Basin Drain Kit

Our comprehensive selection of Naturei products offers the perfect solutions for effective drainage systems. From durable catch basin covers to reliable French drain components, we have everything you need to ensure efficient water flow and prevent unwanted flooding.

yard drain catch basin

A square catch basin drain kit refers to a package or set of components that are specifically designed for the installation and assembly of a square-shaped catch basin drain system. These kits typically include all the necessary elements required to construct a functional catch basin drain, including the basin itself, grates, outlets, and other related components.

The French drain catch basin system is compatible with wall downpipes, and uses the sump to collect rainwater and discharge it through the extension pipe. Easily divert rainwater where you want it, improving your garden water system.

Material: PP

Weight: 1230g(single tier: 830g)

Size: 280*280*1225mm

Inner Package: 290*290*140mm/1600g

Outer Package: 590*590*430mm/20000g


1. The unique slope design of the pool cover is not easy to accumulate water;

2. Layered design to increase water collection capacity.

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