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Outdoor Weatherproof Extension Cord Box

Weatherproof outdoor extension cord safety box is a specific product designed to provide additional protection and safety for outdoor extension cords.

Extension cord weatherproof box

Outdoor Extension Cord Safety Boxes are specifically designed to house extension cords and keep them protected from rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. They typically have a hinged or latching lid and provide a watertight seal to prevent moisture from entering. You can find them in various sizes to accommodate different cord lengths.

The purpose of an outdoor extension cord safety box, although not a specific product, would be to provide protection and safety for outdoor extension cord connections.

Material: PP+rubber

Size: 320*212*132mm

Weight: 910g

Inner packing: 335*225*145mm/1100g

Outer packing: 70*350*300mm/5000g

Usage scenarios & advantages

Used to protect power cord/outlet equipment. Waterproof and dustproof.

Includes lamps and garden power tools, garden lighting, landscaping, water pumps.

1. A total of 7 wires import and export, to meet outdoor / household needs

2. There is a rubber strip on the edge of the cover. When the cover is fastened, it can effectively prevent water and dust

3. It can be installed on the wall as needed (hanging holes are reserved at the bottom).

4. Color optional, black/grey/green/brown etc.

Waterproof extension cord box

Weatherproof box for extension cord

Weatherproof extension cord connection box

weatherproof power cord connection box