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Wholesale Rain Barrel Downspout Diverter

A downspout rain diverter is a device installed on a downspout to redirect rainwater from the gutter system to a different location, such as a rain barrel, garden, or away from the foundation of a building. This can help with water conservation, reduce runoff, and prevent erosion or water damage near the foundation.

downspout diverter for rain barrel

Maximize your rainwater harvesting efforts with our efficient downspout rain barrel diverter kit.This easy-to-install downspout diverter seamlessly integrates with your existing gutter system, directing rainwater into your rain barrel. Ideal for garden irrigation and other non-potable uses, the downspout diverter rain barrel setup not only conserves water but also protects your home's foundation from water damage.

Hose size: 14.1-50.2 inch

Suitable for: Only 2*3" and 3*4" downspouts

Weight: 450g

Package: 27sets/ctn

Material: PP plastic

Compatibility:  Fits standard 2"x 3" or 3"x 4" residential downspouts. Please install the rain water catching system 18 inches above the rain barrel.

Adjustable Water Collection: The amount of rainwater collection can be adjusted by valve. There are 5 types of water flow control:closed, 20%, 50%, 80%, and 100%.
Innovative filter:  Internal filter design can effectively filter leaves, branches and other debris. The filter has a cover that can be removed periodically to clean the leaves and debris collected by the filter.
High-quality Material: Durable PP material ensures the rain barrel gutter diverter kit can withstand years of outdoor wind and rain.
Flexible Hose: The rainwater comes with retractable hose that can be adjusted to different lengths as needed to connect the gutter downspout diverter to the rain barrel.
downspout water diverter
rain diverters for downspouts
downspout diverter to rain barrel
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