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Why are whiteboard features becoming more popular?

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Why are whiteboard features becoming more popular?

More and more conference rooms are now beginning to purchase conference tablet products, and many are focusing on the performance of whiteboard features. Why is this the case?

First of all, traditional projectors do not add interactive features because of the technology. Although some products have added modules such as interactive, but its cost is too high and the interactive effect is not good. The writing speed of this module is too slow, and it can only write, but many functions such as screen casting cannot be achieved.

The conference tablet function because of the capacitive screen configuration, so naturally in the touch control is very advantageous. Together with the configuration of the intelligent system, touch plus intelligence can create a lot of application models. For example, direct annotations, text recognition and meeting minutes, etc.. And these annotated notes can also be saved, which is not available in the traditional projection.

In fact, during the meeting, the need for interaction has always been there. Only in the past, the projector function is too single, many needs have no way to achieve. And the conference tablet is now more and more reasonably priced, the screen is large enough, so this demand began to gradually realize.

Especially young people are more receptive to electronic products. Whiteboard function similar to the operating experience of the tablet is also very familiar to everyone. Standing in front of the meeting tablet, directly on the material to review, circle note, zoom in and out, these operations are very convenient. And these functions can really improve the efficiency of the meeting.

In addition, the whiteboard function can be displayed to each other during remote meetings, so that the other party can see your instant annotations, which is not possible in the traditional meeting format. With the emergence of the epidemic, the demand for teleconferencing is on the rise, so the whiteboard function in teleconferencing has become very important.

In the future, the whiteboard function of the conference tablet will become standard and is a basic evaluation function of how good or bad a product is. Optimizing the experience of this module is something that many brands need to do.

Source: Zhongguancun Online