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Why choose glass whiteboards?

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Why choose glass whiteboards?

Glass whiteboards have somewhat replaced the use of traditional chalkboards. With glass whiteboards, we don't have to worry about hard to scrub or inhaling chalk dust. The glass whiteboard makes your whole office environment beautiful and clean, and at the same time, it can also exist as a decorative item in your office.

The main features of the glass whiteboard are: white transparent color, generally using imported baked lacquer board, easy to wipe, does not leave traces, can adsorb magnetic particles. It is an erasable board that can be used repeatedly and remains bright as new after scrubbing.

The main process of the glass whiteboard is: the use of top safety and solid reinforced explosion-proof glass, and the use of advanced multi-level computer automatic baking paint and glass processing technology research and development made. Effectively reduce the surface reflectivity, enhance the strength and hardness of the glass, smooth writing, high color reproduction, crystal clear surface.

The safety factor of glass whiteboard is also higher, and the impact resistance is five times that of ordinary glass. The surface hardness is 10% higher than ordinary glass, and can resist scratches from various sharp carving knives. The acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance are also much stronger than ordinary glass.

Glass whiteboard is not only a writing whiteboard, but also can be used as a projection whiteboard, whether it is a presentation, PPT or conference report display, glass whiteboard can make the projection light source more cohesive together, reducing the probability of light source dispersion, projection is not clear, so that you can use the whiteboard more clearly and improve work efficiency.