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Why do you need a black neutral pen for high school exams?

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Why do you need a black neutral pen for high school exams?

The annual college entrance exams have come to an end, and with the release of college entrance exam results and admissions scores from major universities, the dust has settled on where candidates will go for the next four years. However, as an important turning point in the lives of most people, the discussion about the college entrance exam never stops. As the saying goes, "the sharpening of the knife does not stop the cutting of wood," and there are not only official regulations on the selection of test supplies, but also a series of guidelines for students in schools. So, why must black neutral pens be used for the entrance exams, rather than other types of pens?

As the test paper needs to be scanned and entered into the computer before it is marked in the college entrance exam, the marker cannot directly touch the test paper, and compared to other colors of pens, the pen with black handwriting scans out the clearest, so in the college entrance exam, using a pen with black handwriting can ensure that the scanned paper is clear enough for the marker to see the handwriting and thus accurately understand the candidate's answers.

There are no very strict requirements for the thickness of the refill in the GCE. As long as the handwriting is clear, 0.35mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm pens are all acceptable, with 0.5mm refills being the safest, as too thick a stroke may be unattractive or even unreadable, and too fine a rule will risk cutting through the paper.

Therefore, candidates should use pens that meet the regulations and suit their writing habits during the entrance exam, and prepare enough replacement refills to avoid refill breaks or running out of ink.