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Winter Printhead Clogging and Damage Causes and Countermeasures

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Winter Printhead Clogging and Damage Causes and Countermeasures

The main causes and countermeasures for the high incidence of clogged and damaged inkjet printer printheads in winter.

EPSON inkjet printer nozzles are highly sophisticated and at the same time very expensive components, and nozzle blockage damage is also a common failure, therefore, we should understand the causes of nozzle blockage damage, so that we can scientifically and reasonably choose compatible cartridges, ink and various types of continuous ink supply system to ensure that the printer works safely and reliably. Scientific analysis shows that the nozzle clogging damage mainly has the following three causes.

1.The printer is not used for a long time, the ink in the nozzle of the water evaporated, into dry toner or sticky sludge-like substances, clogged in the nozzle. Especially in winter, the weather is dry and cold, so make sure to keep warm and moisturized.

2.Different manufacturers, different brands of ink mixed chemical reaction, due to different colloid charged and neutralization, the formation of precipitation blocking the nozzle.

3.Due to poor ink formulation caused by the accumulation of dyes or ink contained or used mixed with impurities, dust, etc., will also cause damage to the nozzle blockage; as we all know, the caliber of the printer nozzle is micron-level, even 1 mm intake hole, after the air hole can enter the cartridge ink dust will be dozens or even hundreds of times the nozzle, over time, it is very likely to clog damage to the nozzle.

For the first case: the printer's instructions for use usually have instructions for use, the printer is not used for a long time should also often open the printer and do the appropriate printing operations to avoid drying out the ink in the nozzle.

For the second case: the choice of ink must use the same manufacturer of high-quality ink, especially in the pipeline residuals of the original ink, be sure to clean the pipeline. Prevent chemical reactions, blocking damage to the nozzle.

For the third case: to use the excellent quality of highly compatible ink, and high-precision professional filtration technology can ensure a high degree of ink purity, not due to ink quality and dust and clogging damage to the printhead nozzles. After the purchase of ink is best used up within six months.